meredic (meredic) wrote,

Men Behaving Badly

The Boy, Axeman and I have been deserted by She Of The Town House who is off in some foreign country drinking beer and smoking fags ( that’s cigarettes to all you across the water).
We reached a bit of a nadir when the last clean plate was used. Then serendipitous fortune intervened. As all the space on the worktop had been filled with dirty crockery The Boy had to put the last plate on the floor.
Quick as a flash, Asbo snarfed up every last scrap of debris from it and with a further flick or two of the tongue, rendered the surface shiny, new, and barely in need of drying up at all.
To a man stunned, we couldn’t believe our luck. To prove beyond coincidence we put down a pot. In the twinkling of a doggy eye, this too was given a thorough clean up. To the degree that we felt it could go straight back in the cupboard.
After stumbling over a guided training session we soon found that Blind Pugh was no less adept once pointed in the right direction.
With very little fuss, and practically no effort on our part, the washing up was soon done. And to a high standard I felt.
By chance and good fortune we have stumbled on a sinecure for two of our ills. Feeding the dog and cleaning the dishes are no longer issues between us.

That just leaves hoovering. Wet towels. The cooker. Making the beds. The unpleasant smell in the bathroom. The teeth marks in the butter. Closing the lid properly ( this is becoming more of an issue every day). The car is almost out of diesel. And there is something really ghastly under The Boys fingernails.

Flushed with success….. oh no I’d better not use that …. we haven’t flushed with success since The Boy put a log in the pond as it were…. um what could I use instead..

Pleased with ourselves, we have decided adjourn to the pub. We shall apply science to one or two of the other problems.
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