meredic (meredic) wrote,

New Girl On The Block

Swinging through the security system at Camp Bow Wow. There is an unexpected air of excitement around the place. The feeling of spring in the air? Something new?
The chief warder flashes the gold tooth again and presses the secret button under his desk. Putting aside his mirrored glasses and hat he sits back in an unexpectedly relaxed pose. From his comfortable leather chair he bestows an avuncular smile toward Blind Pugh and Asbo.
“Boys,” he almost whispers as the main door to the cell block swings open. “I should like you to meet Mitzi….”
Backlit against the wing stands a vision. A Nordic ice maiden in crisp black and white. Mitzi makes a caricature out of the uniform.
“Zeese are ze dogs vas du bist delling me about Capitain Shjones?” Words drip like warm honey from Mitzis lips, though you could barely see them move.
She taps a small swagger stick against the patent leather boots.
“Zey are looking in need of good discipline jah?”
Snapping her fingers just once, she cuts the air as she turns, she leads Blind Pugh and Asbo along landing 41b to cell 15. Her stride breaks as Pugh bumps in to the rail, she gives the stick an extra sharp tap against the boots.

We hurtle down the A470 towards the nations capital.
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