meredic (meredic) wrote,

A penny for the small guy

It was in mid February 1971 that I realised it for the first time. Governments could indeed conspire with multinational corporations behind closed doors. Quite a blow to an eleven year old.
I was a big fan of the bluebird toffee bar. Its creamy innocence drew me to the shop night after night. Slipping out of its cool blue wrapper and…. ahem. Anyway. I liked them. A lot.
With my shilling pocket money I was able to purchase four of these little darlings (steady Hallett) at thruppence each. One day of the week I had to go without.
Imagine my delight when I saw the new decimal currency tables. A shilling was equated to five new pence. The nearest equivalence of thruppence ( and I claim another non Microsoft word here) was just one new penny. I would now be able to purchase one every night at, no extra cost.
Innocent fool.
Within a week the price went up to one and a half new pence.
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